Lids and the Lids Foundation have partnered with NBA Skills Trainer Chris Brickley to renovate his hometown basketball court

Chris Brickley started his basketball career at Wolfe Park's basketball court, which played a crucial role in his development 

Brickley is known for training NBA icons such as Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Chris Paul, and LeBron James.

The renovation project aims to give back to the community that fostered Brickley's growth and provide a space for others to pursue their goals.

The Lids Foundation supports local communities in the United States and Canada, promoting active, healthy, and productive lives.

The idea for the renovation began in March 2022, with Brickley and the Lids Foundation working together, along with other partners like PUMA and BodyArmour 

The renovation includes refurbishing the entire court, from the pavement to the baskets, backboards, and paint, with special inscriptions honoring Brickley 

Lawrence Berger, co-founder and partner at Ames Watson (owner of Lids), expressed his honor in working on this transformative project with Brickley