Britney Spears accuses NBA player's security of assaulting her outside a Las Vegas restaurant

Spears claims she was struck in the face when she tried to greet NBA player Victor Wembanyama 

The incident occurred after Spears saw the athlete at two different hotels and approached him outside a restaurant 

The security team member allegedly backhanded Spears, causing her glasses to fall off and nearly making her fall down 

Spears demands an apology from the player, his security, and his team 

Wembanyama, the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, is set to play in the summer league in Las Vegas 

The San Antonio Spurs and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have not commented on the incident 

Las Vegas police confirm responding to a battery investigation but no arrests or citations have been made 

Wembanyama offers a different version of events, stating that a person grabbed him from behind and security pushed her away 

Spears emphasizes the importance of treating all people with respect and shares her experience to raise awareness