Catherine Parenteau is a Pickleball player born on August 26, 1994, hails from Montreal, Canada .

Catherine has made a name for prominent professional pickleball .

Catherine Parenteau prowess in the sport has earned her impressive rankings No. 3 in the world

Parenteau’s journey in the world of racquet sports commenced at the age of 4 when she was introduced to tennis.

In 2011, she was recruited by the University of Arkansas’s NCAA tennis team but later transferred to Michigan State University

Currently, Parenteau resides in Naples, Florida, with her partner Athena Trouillot. As of August 2023, She currently resides with her partner Athena Trouillot. 

In 2015, Parenteau was introduced to pickleball by her former MSU tennis coach, Simone Jardim. Captivated by the sport, she began training fervently .