Kajol is making headlines with her upcoming show 'The Trial - Love, Law, and Betrayal'.

The actress expressed her happiness at this stage of her life where she doesn't feel the need to be young again for acting 

Kajol believes that she cannot and does not want to portray Simran from 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' again.

In an interview with Zoom Entertainment, Kajol discussed the age factor in the industry, stating that it requires mental preparation and overcoming certain thoughts.

Kajol mentioned that she doesn't want to be 16 again and has no desire to dance in the rain wearing short skirts and crop tops like Simran 

Kajol expressed her satisfaction with playing mature characters like Noyonika, stating that she truly likes her and finds her attractive.

'The Trial - Love, Law, and Betrayal' is an Indian adaptation of the famous American drama series 'The Good Wife', with Julianna Margulies in the lead role.

During the conversation, Kajol praised Madhuri Dixit, stating that she hasn't received roles that she truly deserves in the industry.

Kajol believes that Madhuri Dixit is an underrated actress who hasn't been given a variety of roles that she deserves 

Kajol's upcoming show is generating excitement and curiosity among fans and the audience