Justina Machado's new dark comedy series, "The Horror of Dolores Roach," has a secret ingredient that people can't stop eating.

The show is inspired by "Sweeney Todd" and features Dolores, played by Machado, who returns to her old neighborhood to find everything has changed 

Dolores, a former prisoner, is jobless, friendless, and homeless until she meets Luis, who lets her stay in the basement of his restaurant, Empanada Loca.

Desperate for money, Dolores sets up a masseuse business under the shop, but her rage and desperation lead to murderous behavior on the massage table 

Luis finds a way to dispose of the bodies, creating a twisted alliance that benefits both him and Dolores 

"The Horror of Dolores Roach" is based on a popular Gimlet podcast of the same name.

The series also features notable guest appearances from Marc Maron and Cyndi Lauper, adding to the intrigue 

Justina Machado, known for her roles in "One Day at a Time" and "Jane the Virgin," portrays a woman on the verge in this thrilling show