World Cup 2022: Qatar to serve beer at stadiums and fan zone

FIFA said fans will be allowed to buy Budweiser beer with alcohol within the eight stadium compounds

Football fans can raise their beer glasses while celebrating their team’s win in the Football World Cup

Organizers of the FIFA World Cup have agreed to a policy with local officials in Qatar to serve beer at stadiums

Fans will be allowed to purchase beer within the stadium compound before and after games, as well as during the official FIFA Fan Festival at night.

FIFA said that Budweiser with alcohol will be sold “within the stadium perimeter prior to kickoff and after the final whistle.”

“At the FIFA Fan Festival, Budweiser will be available to purchase from 6.30 pm”

The adoption of the Qatar World Cup’s beer policy comes 11 weeks before the tournament begins

The 2022 World Cup is the first in the tournament’s 92-year history to be played in a Muslim country with such strict social taboos around alcohol.