Why Northwestern’s Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald Fired – 2023

Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald Fired : Pat Fitzgerald, the longstanding football coach of Northwestern University, was sacked, the university said on Monday. The action was taken in response to claims of hazing in the Wildcats football programme.

University president Michael Schill informed the Northwestern community in a letter that the decision took effect right away.

Northwestern’s Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald Fired

“The decision comes after a difficult and complex evaluation of my original discipline decision imposed on Coach Fitzgerald last week for his failure to know and prevent significant hazing in the football programme,” Schill stated.

Fitzgerald’s representative has been contacted by CNN for comment. Fitzgerald, who was initially given a two-week payless suspension on Friday, has previously said he was unaware of the alleged hazing.

An individual acquainted with the situation at the university said that Fitzgerald addressed the players in a meeting on Monday night to bid them farewell.

Schill claimed that over the past three days, he had discussions about the predicament with Fitzgerald, university officials, and present and former students. Emails and phone messages were also issued.

“I have received hundreds and hundreds of emails describing how he has transformed the lives of current and former student-athletes,” Schill writes. “However, as much as Coach Fitzgerald has meant to our school and our student-athletes, we have a duty – no, a responsibility – to live by our ideals, even when doing so necessitates making difficult and painful decisions like this. We have to proceed.

Why Northwestern's Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald Fired

According to Schill, the head coach is ultimately in charge of a team’s culture.

According to an executive summary of the probe released by the university, a former inspector general of Illinois started the independent investigation in December after receiving a complaint from an unidentified email address at the conclusion of the 2022 season.

According to the investigation, 11 players—past and present—claimed that hazing was taking place in the programme, Schill stated.

“The hazing included forced participation, nudity, and sexualized acts of a degrading nature, in clear violation of Northwestern policies and values,” wrote Schill. “I’m glad that, as far as I know, no student was physically hurt as a result of these behaviours.”

He continued, however, that the investigator had not discovered “any credible evidence that Coach Fitzgerald himself knew about it.”

Fitzgerald, who served as head coach for 17 seasons, expressed his “disappointment” at the claims of hazing in a statement on Friday.

Fitzgerald added, “Northwestern football takes pleasure in turning out fine young men with character befitting the programme and our University, not just athletes. “We have the highest expectations for our student-athletes and our programme, and we’ll keep working to go above and beyond those expectations going forward.”

A former player reportedly called the alleged hazing occurrences within the Wildcats programme “egregious and vile and inhumane behaviour,” according to an article published on Saturday by Northwestern’s student publication, The Daily Northwestern. The newspaper received confirmation of the tactics from a second unidentified player.

The university’s football team responded to the accusations by calling them “exaggerated and twisted into lies” in a letter to the neighbourhood on Saturday. The group added that Fitzgerald was not participating in the alleged instances and was not even aware of them.

In the upcoming days, pronouncements regarding the team’s leadership will be made, according to Schill.

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Who is the winningest coach at Northwestern football ?

Fitzgerald received a 10-year contract extension in 2021 after taking his team to the Big Ten championship game for the second time in three years. He is the winningest football coach in NU history with a 110-101 career record in 17 seasons.

How long has Pat Fitzgerald been the head coach at Northwestern ?

Fitzgerald is entering his 18th season as Northwestern’s coach and is coming off his worst season after the Wildcats struggled to a 1-11 record in 2022. The 48-year-old former Wildcats linebacker also worked as an assistant for five seasons with the program before taking over as head coach ahead of the 2006 season.

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