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What is Story of Ishq Next Door Web Series

When Meher’s attractive and streetwise ex-boyfriend enters the picture, things get complicated between Dev, a bland bank employee, and his fiery neighbour, Meher.

Meher, who is planning to take a fashion course in Italy, is certain that long-distance relationships fail. Let’s see Will it spell the end of their romance ?

Ishq Next Door Cast and Release Date

Ishq Next DoorWeb Series
Release Date of Ishq Next Door3 July 2023
Plateform of Ishq Next Door Web SeriesJio Studios
Language Hindi
Certificate 13+
Cast of Ishq Next Door Cast Natasha Bharadwaj, Purav Jha, Mrinal Dutt, Abhay Mahajan
Ishq Next Door Cast and Release Date


Review of Ishq Next Door Web Series ?

The series introduces the audience to its main protagonists, Dev Mishra (Abhay Mahajan) and Meher Sikka (Natasha Bharadwaj), as well as their backstories. Rajat Vihar is a small-town neighbourhood where the narrative is set.

The former is a regular guy; the narrator calls him the most colourless individual in the multicoloured colony, and the latter is savage. The two are essentially strangers while living next door to one another, but as they get to know one another, love begins to bloom.

The show’s narrator and Meher’s muscular stud of an ex, Ashwin Chauhan (Mrinal Dutt), interrupts them before they can express their affections for one another by ending their long-distance relationship.

The plot centres on their love triangle and what transpires when Meher encounters a similar circumstance after receiving a scholarship.

Trailer of Ishq Next Door

The series is a lighthearted rom-com with 10 episodes that last about 20 minutes each, however the plot is a little too simple, underdeveloped, and nothing new.

The competition between Ashwin and Dev, as well as the latter’s connection with his younger, spoiled brother Chhuttan (Purav Jha), keep the proceedings lively, nevertheless, according to director Akhilesh Vats.

It does a good job at capturing the awkwardness between the couple brought on by misconceptions brought on by Ashwin and Dev’s fumbling personalities.

The election for the colony’s secretary and the wedding track in which the bride’s family is furious because the groom owns a store that sells underwear are two tracks that seem extraneous and do not advance the plot.

As a typical nerdy young man struggling to support his family and step in for his deceased father, Abhay Mahajan is convincing. He does a terrific job of portraying the kind-hearted, self-conscious guy.

Natasha Bharadwaj is good as a self-assured, blunt-talking woman and has a charming on-screen presence. Mrinal Dutt is outstanding and does a nice job of juggling his roles as a good guy and a troublemaker.

Purav Jha shines out as the spoiled and more intelligent sibling who counsels Dev on emotional issues. He excels in comedic situations and effortlessly delivers amusing lines like “Keep your attitude in your pocket, I have enough of it.”

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What is Synopsis or Story of Ishq Next Door Web Series

At 10 episodes, each spanning approximately 20 minutes, the series is a breezy rom-com, but the story is a tad too plain, undeveloped, and nothing one hasn’t seen before.

What is Review of Ishq Next Door Web series ?

Review of Ishq Next Door

What is release date of Ishq Next Door web series ?

3 July 2023

What is Cast of Ishq Next Door web series ?

Cast of Ishq Next Door are Natasha Bharadwaj, Purav Jha, Mrinal Dutt, Abhay Mahajan

Where we can see Ishq Next Door Web Series ?

Jio Plateform .

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