Unveiling the Battle Against Burnout : A Fresh Take on Job Satisfaction and Well-Being

Unveiling the Battle Against Burnout : The University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies has recently published an original document titled “Examining Burnout as a Precursor to Job Dissatisfaction.”

This collaborative effort involves the contributions of Christa Banton, Ed.D., a respected member of the University’s Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR), and Jose Garza, DHA, MBA, also affiliated with CWDIR.

Taking inspiration from insights derived from the 2023 University of Phoenix Career Institute®Career Optimism Index® investigation, this publication delves into the global concern of burnout within professional environments.

Unveiling the Battle Against Burnout

The white paper emphasizes the profound connection between burnout and job satisfaction, encompassing a spectrum of elements like career advancement, overall well-being, and mentorship programs.

A core proposition of the document is the imperative need to comprehend the multifaceted nature of job satisfaction as a foundation for designing effective strategies aimed at reducing burnout and promoting healthier work environments.

Banton suggests that a comprehensive grasp of the ramifications of job dissatisfaction, coupled with the vigilant monitoring of work-life equilibrium within an organization, can serve as an early indicator for implementing measures to enhance job satisfaction, augment retention rates, and mitigate burnout.

She advocates for various approaches that organizations can adopt to heighten job satisfaction and counter burnout. These include equitable remuneration, fostering an environment conducive to career growth, implementing mental health and well-being initiatives, and championing mentorship programs.

Banton boasts a rich professional background as a licensed marriage and family therapist. Presently, she serves as a professor at Barstow Community College and offers psychotherapeutic support directly to students grappling with mental health challenges.

Her career trajectory began within a public health department as a social worker, and she subsequently extended her expertise to aid individuals transitioning from incarceration to society. Additionally, Banton dedicated 13 years to social services in the realm of child welfare.

Her academic journey culminated in a doctorate earned at Argosy University, and she has been an educator at the University of Phoenix since 2008.

Concurrently, Garza plays an instrumental role in the operational functioning of the emergency medicine department at McGovern Medical School, located within The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (UTHealth).

Prior to joining UTHealth, he contributed his services to the City of Houston, notably within a tuberculosis clinic.

Furthermore, he managed administrative responsibilities at a county clinic operating under Child Protective Services. Garza’s academic pursuits led him to secure a Doctorate in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix, and he also holds a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in healthcare management, awarded by Our Lady of the Lake University.

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